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Name: Liz
Age: 17 (please don't give me any bs about being a teen parent. i've had to leave quite a few comm. because of it already.)
Height: 5'1"
Children: James
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Weight before pregnancy:125lbs
Weight after pregnancy: 150lbs
Weight goal: 120lbs
size before pregancy: anywhere between size 3 and 7 jeans.
size after pregnancy: I'm lucky if I can find a pair of 11 that fit.
size you want to be: 9
What area of your body, do you want to loose the most weight: stomach
Why that area: It's what is preventing me from feeling comfortable about myself and my relationships with those around me. Also because I'm tired of finding jeans that fit me perfectly everywhere else, but won't button.
Favorite fatty food(s): curly fries and twix. also dr. pepper, though not really a food.
Favorite healthy food(s): salad, any fruit, and carrots.
Picture(s) of you before pregnancy: NA
Picture during your pregnancy: I'm a horrible person - I didn't allow people to take many pictures of me when I was pregnant because I always looked horrible.
Picture(s) after pregnancy (no nudity!):
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Picture of your dream body: I'm not goint to post one, just because I can't find one that really gives her justice, but I would love love LOVE to have a figure like Selma Hayek's. She is just breathtakingly gorgeous.
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