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challenge #2 is starting for: babydylan0605, mop_top417, mami_chilena, sarah_marie21 and danalea83

When doing these exersizes, please eat right. That means: No soda, No achohol, no candy, no overeating etc. Try eating the resipies that I give you.

Before you start, make sure you have a bottle of water near you. Sweating really doesn't mean that your loosing weight. it means that conditionshing your body to get into great shape.

Okay everyone! Here is what you gals are going to do. First, you are going to strech up your body. Starting with the neck.

Roll your neck starting from the right, and do this 10 times. Stop, then do it again but starting from the left.

Once you are done with that, we will strech our arms. Hold your right arm out, pull your right arm across to their left shoulder. with your left arm, grab your right tricep and pull. And for the other arm, do the opposite.

Now streching out your leg muscels is easy. All you are going to do is reach your hands and arms above your head, and very slowy, see if you can touch your toes. (if you can, thats fine.) go down as far as you can and stay there (go down until you feel like your almost pulling muscels). count to 10 and release by going up with your hands going up to your head and reaching up.

Walk for 15-20 minutes as a warm up.

Now you are ready! You will start off by doing 4 sets of 10(4 seps of 10 equals 40.) jumping jacks. When you get to the first 10, stop and rest.(if you need to. When you feel a burning sensation, push yourself to go all the way to forty without stopping.

When you are done with jumping jacks, if you need to, drink some water. since your standing up right now, the next thing that you are going to do is called 'Running in place' Its where you bring your right knew to your chest. when your done with the right knee, you do the same to the left. (by the way, when you do every exercise, keep your abs tight.) once you get the hang of bringing your knees to your chest, start doing it like you are running. do 4 sets of 10(40)

Now, if you have a bathroom door, or a room door. go to it and open it. place your hands on the side of the doorway. With your feet shoulder length apart with your feet pointing straight. with your hands on the doorway, you start to lower your weight to the floor, keep your back straight, and your face looking foward. Lower all the way down to where you are in a seated position as if you were in a chair and then back up. Do 4 sets of ten of these(40)

With your palms still on the door. put your heels together making your feet into a 'V' lift up onto your toes, flexing the calf muscles, back down to wear you are barely touching the floor with your heels and back up. do 10 sets 0f 4(forty)

Now, get away from the door. put your feet shoulder width apart, raise your arms out to the sides. bend down, touch left hand to right ankle. then up, right hand to left ankle.

If you had a just had a c-section, you are done with your exercize. If you had your c-section within 3 months or longer, keep on reading. If you had a vaginal birth, keep on reading. (drink water!)

Laying on the floor, flat on your back. Arms cross the chest, raise your upper body 3 inches off the ground to completely crunch the abs. repeat by doing 4 sets of 10 (40)

'Girl Push-ups'As you are facing the ground on your hands and knees, cross your ankels, put your hands shoulder width apart, lover yourself 1 inch off the ground, and push back up. repeat by doing 4 set of ten(40) if you cannot do 40, that is fine.

If you can, go to walmart, k-mart or some sports store and by 2 dunbells sizes around 5-8-10 pounds
(You choose which ones.)Or you can hold 2 books the same size in both hands.


Move 1.) Tricep Kick Backs

A.) Holding Weights, bend at waist with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep back straight and bring elbows up, palms facing foward.

B.) Extend arms back as high as you can. Keep elbows close to your body. Repeat and do 10 sets of 5.

Move 2.) Bicep Curls

A.) Stand with legs slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold weights with arms at sides, palms facing inward.

B.) Slowly raise and lower dumbells 10 times, twisting wrists as you bend elbows so that your palms face upward. Repeat and do 10 sets of 5.

Move 3.) Weighted Punches

A.) Stand with legs slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold dumbells in front of you, elbows at your sides 2 inches from your breast, with palms facing eachother.

B.) In a controlled motion, punch out and up with left arm, then with right. Do 10 sets 0f 5.


Move 1.)Front Jackknives

A.)Holding a dumbell in each hand, lie flat on your back, with arms out to your sides. Bend left leg, leaving right leg straight.

B.) Sit up to touch right toe with left arm. Repeat 10 sets of 5. Then change and tought left toe with right arm.. Repeat 5 sets of 10.

Move 2.) Side Jackknives:

A.) Lie on right side, with right arm flat on the fround for support. Holding dumbell in left hand, lift left arm, slightly bent, overhead.

B.) Bring left arm and legs together, then return to position A.) Do 10 sets of 5 on each side.

Move 3.) AB Twists

A.) Lie on back with arms and legs in the air, knees slightly bent. Hold dumbells in hands, palms facing foward.

B.) Drop legs to the right and arms to the left, thing bring them up and twist the other way. Do 10 sets of 5.


Walk for 15-20 minutes for a cool down.

Do this everyday until October 6th! On october 6th, I will be asking for measurments...So good luck everyone!
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