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Children:3 - Kamran 3 years, Aleesha 16 months and Shakeel 1 month
Weight before pregnancy:before first pregnancy I was about 154lb's
Weight after pregnancy: I'm about 227lb's now grrr
Weight goal:140lb's (I wish)
size before pregancy:before 1st size 10 before second 12-14 before 3rd 16-18
size after pregnancy:1st- 12-14, 2nd- 18 3rd -18-20
size you want to be:I would like to be 10 or 12 but right now would even be happy with a 16
What area of your body, do you want to loose the most weight:arms and thighs my stomach aswell but the others bother me alot more
Why that area: because I so hate going out without a big cardigan on even in the hot weather to me my arms look so embarrassing its deppressing
Favorite fatty food(s):chocolate
Favorite healthy food(s):I like alot of fruit and vegetable pasta dishes
Picture(s) of you before pregnancy:I am actually about 6 months pregnant in this pic with my 1st i dont have a pic that I can find before then
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Picture during your pregnancy:This is the only one of me pregnant when you can see me properly its May this year so I was 6 -7 months pregnantImage hosted by Photobucket.com
Picture(s) after pregnancy (no nudity!)I look terrible here and badly need to dye my hair I have very bad water retention aswell which I still have this was took 2-3 weeks ago
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this was took this monday still need to dye my hair in this one to god I'm so lazy lol
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Picture of your dream body
Right now I would love to be even size 16 but my target is size 10-12
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